Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Counting down ...

While scrolling through my Feedly today, I came across this post from Christian Century by Anne Mocko, Maybe we should just do lessHere are some of the "wisdom bullets" that struck me: 

  • "We rarely feel rested or whole."
  • "asked to lay aside the activities that normally consume them"
  • "a day to rest and heal, to take a walk or have big conversations. It would be a day to take stock and gain perspective, a day to pay attention to the conditions of our lives, and a day to reduce our carbon footprint."

As I look forward to my upcoming sabbatical, and I'm wondering what and how I will accomplish what I proposed to do, I am reminded to build in some time to rest, heal, walk, talk, and gain perspective. Watch this space to see how I do!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Let the blogging begin!

Here I go ... into the "blog-o-sphere"...
My sabbatical begins in 2 weeks. AHHH! And being the Achiever that I am (a StrengthsFinder Top 5, more about this in a future post), I am spending these 2 weeks planning my sabbatical (a bit of an oxymoron there). My time away will focus on:

  • MOOCs
  • service to my church
  • my family and home
  • my self
I'm thinking I'll structure my blog accordingly. Let's see how it goes.